Luke & Bushman Bunch

I love the Luke family and being able to meet all of the parts of the Bushman family. I grew up with Andrew & Brittany. So it was crazy to jump forward 5 years and get to see them at this new amazing stage of their life, and succeeding so well with such sweet significant others. In the midst of all the kissing and baby chasing we also got to do some far well photos for the youngest Luke, Jonas. He was getting ready to depart for his two year mission serving Fortworth, Texas. Some more new chapters will be popping up for these families, I was told on the downlow at these session to keep dates open that they might have an engagement soon in the family. Then later in the month I was informed Andrew & Colleen needed announce the date photos! Stay posted those are coming soon;)

Curiosities & Contours || Honey + Sass

This is one of my bestfriends and life rolemodels. She is the closest thing to a real life magician you'll ever meet. If you need something and it doesn't exist this girl can make it in all the gold, crystal, hand painted perfection you'll ever need. Lindsay is one half of the magic that makes up Honeysuckle & Sassafras - small arts, oddities, and design company based out of Eugene, Oregon. These are some moments from their opening night and art debut at the Wayward Lamb. They transformed the backspace into what I imagine tricker treating on Johnny Depp's porch would feel like. They combine their training in science and fine art to create distinctive pieces, which focus on detail and obsessive technique. Little frozen hand crafted pieces of wonder hung from miniature custom designed porch swings, vintage up cycled windows with detailed designs literally crawling all over them. My favorite and the center of the room were 2 spot lighted crystal embedded skulls, not everyone gets the chance to see something like that in their life time.
First Friday artwalk is your chance 11.6.15

Brother + Sister || Alora + Kellen

I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I last photographed Alora and Kellen. The littlest members of the Udosenata Family. This family is seriously the epitome of what all Gap models should aspire to be. I don't think I've ever worked with kids this young who are so comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. Kellen's eyes, watch out little ladies they'll make you melt. Alora is also super sassy which of course makes me all the more in love with taking photos of her.

Kaley & Aaron || Florence

Do you ever meet two people and think, Oh I am so glad they found each other.
This is Aaron and Kaley - they're a perfect match and I can't wait to follow them around in Utah.


|| Joseph the band ||

One of the most simple & beautiful performances I've seen all summer. These girls have all of the talent and feels. Tailored coffee shop was the perfect spot, I don't remember the last time I got to be that up close and personal with so much raw talent, the goosebumps were real. Fun little fact these girls are homegrown northwest talent, do your ears a favor go listen to their music.


Danny Brown xx Childish Gambino

I really like rap shows, because I really like rappers. Here are some moments where it got real, sporadic rain pour and so many feels all night.


|| Willamette Valley Music Festival ||

Here are some of my favorite moments and bands from WVMF 2014. I had the chance to cover the 44th year of this annual Eugene festival. Some of the bands I worked with include Hungry Skinny, Wampire,  Pluto the Planet, Mozzo Kush, Carzinger, and Martian Manhunter.